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“Travel and Gender in Cinema.” Sarah Lawrence College.

Description: The course situates the roles of cinema in shaping the global discourses of travel and gender. The relation between travel and gender is characterized not only in terms of how practices and ideas of travel construct men and women but also how notions such as journey, exploration, frontier, mobility, migration, and dislocation are defined by gender metaphors. Through cinematic representations, we will examine both voluntary and forced movements of individuals as being shaped by the historical processes of imperialism, decolonization, and globalization. The course will use travel as a broad concept to discuss how gender ideology frames the practices of diverse traveling identities, from the privileged to the displaced and the dispossessed, from tourists, ethnographers, and the flaneurs to migrant workers and refugees. We will analyze international cinema from the 20th and 21st century, including American “road movies” such as The Wizard of Oz, Easy Rider, and Thelma and Louise, as well as European, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern cinema. In relation to films, we will also explore various visual modes of representation, including photography, paintings, performance, music video, and images circulated in tourist guidebooks and mass media. –

“Independent Cinema and Activism in Asia.” Sarah Lawrence College.

“Cinemas in Southeast Asia.” Sarah Lawrence College.

“Media Literacy.” CUNY College of Staten Island.

“Film Theory.” CUNY College of Staten Island.

“Critical Theories – Gender and Sexuality, Visual Culture, and Politics.” University of Indonesia.

“Feminist Literary Criticism.” University of Indonesia.

“Introduction to Literature.” University of Indonesia.

“Creative Writing.” University of Indonesia.

Teaching Assistantship:

“Film Genre: Children & Other Talking Animals.” New York University.

“Language of Film.” New York University.

“Culture, Art, & Technology” – core writing program. University of California, San Diego.



kitlv forum

Expert meeting at KITLV, Leiden, December 2011.

“Beyond ‘Asian Extremes’: A Workshop on New Cinema Practices in East and Southeast Asia,” Asian Film and Media Initiative New York University, May 1-2, 2015.

“Post-1998 Generation and Cultural activism in Indonesia: From Intervention to Institutionalization.”  Expert meeting at KITLV, Leiden, December 2, 2011.

SPINs Gender and Sexuality Focus-Group Discussion Series:

“Gender dan Agama dalam Seni dan Media,” Jakarta, 21 April, 2012.

“Bedah Jelajah Moda Artikulasi Baru.” Jakarta, 7 Mei, 2010.

FGD Gender dan Seksualitas Simposium Pertunjukan di Indonesia. Yogyakarta, 3 Desember, 2009.