International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul – section forum (2010)


International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul

The New Wave of Post 98 Indonesian Women’s Cinema

April 10, 2010

The forum pays attention to the rise of women filmmakers and their works in the post 98 Indonesian cinema which has been drawing attention as one of the new waves of South East Asian cinemas. By taking an in-depth look at the Indonesian cinema as national cinema or the third world cinema from women’s point of view, it will examine how gender and sexuality are articulated in the new age. Also, with the example of director Nia Dinata, who is the founder of Kalyana Shira Foundation which produces the most influential films with gender and sexuality issues in Indonesia, and who also supports new women directors through workshops, it will look into the production and distribution of contemporary Indonesian women’s cinema.


April 10(Sat) 3:00P.M.


TOZ Academy, Artreon 14F


KIM Soyoung (Professor, Korea National University of Arts)


Intan PARAMADITHA(Dept. of Cinema Studies, New York University)Nia DINATA (Director, Love for Share, Founder of Kalyana Shira Foundation)


CHO Hye-young(IWFFIS Programmer)Retno MUSTIKAWATI (School of Film, TV & Multimedia, Korea National University of Arts)