Kumpulan Budak Setan (English)

cover - Budak Setan

Kumpulan Budak Setan
(The Devils’ Slaves Club)

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From the Gramedia Publisher’s website:

The Devil’s Slaves begins with a common interest towards Abdullah Harahap’s work. Eka, Intan and Ugo agreed to re-read Abdullah Harahap’s works and started a project to write horror stories. Abdullah Harahap was never included in Indonesia’s literary canons. He wrote “cheap” horror novels full of graphic scene during 1970-1980. His books are found in small book stores, flea markets or train stations. The result of this project is a collection of twelve short stories with Abdullah Harahap’s theme – vengeance, sex, murder and with characters like evil spirit, ghosts, mystical objects (lucky charms, masks) and weremen.

I close my eyes and I imagine what she does behind my back. Is she lying on her back? Is she looking at me. I feel her breath on my back. I whispered softly, almost unheard even to my own ears: “Ina Mia?” (“Riwayat Kesendirian” – The Story of Loneliness, Eka Kurniawan)

Her veil is worn, framing her face covered in chalky powder, more like a paste of flour, and uneven crimson lips like a smear of blood. People in the village are not sure if it’s a smile or a grimace .(Goyang Penasaran – Curious Gyration , Intan Paramaditha)

Which come first, chicken or egg,” mumbles Moko softly. He said flatly that it’s not a question. The man in his grip doesn’t know what to say, he lifts her head and looks fearfully at the knife glinting in his hand. Moko takes no time, he stab his knife on his prey’s neck. Once. Once again. And again. Blood squirting everywhere. (“Hidung Iblis – The Demon’s Nose”, Ugoran Prasad)