Simposium Pertunjukan di Indonesia (SPIN)


Simposium Pertunjukan di Indonesia (Symposium on Performance in Indonesia/ SPIN) was held in Yogyakarta, December 1-3, 2009. It was initiated by Ugoran Prasad (then the program manager of Indonesian Society of Performing Arts/ MSPI), Intan Paramaditha (UI/NYU), Nuraini Juliastuti (KUNCI Cultural Studies Center), Yudi Ahmad Tajudin (Teater Garasi), and Ade Darmawan (ruangrupa) and organized by the now-defunct MSPI in cooperation with Teater Garasi and Sanata Dharma University. The symposium brought together more than eighty artists, activists, academics, and public intellectuals to draw a shared map of what has been produced in the cultural field since the fall of Suharto in 1998 and explore new trajectories of network, collaboration, and, possibly, collective social intervention. SPIN was divided into 12 focus-group discussions (FGDs) with topics ranging from “Institutionalization of Knowledge,” “The Performance of the State, Politics, & the Law,” “Gender and Sexuality,” “History,” “Media,” “Youth,” to “Religion and Secularism.” Each FGD identified cultural works that have been done with regards to the topic as well as new possibilities and challenges.

After the symposium, SPIN participants have been pursuing their works in smaller working groups; they have either initiated some collaborative artistic or intellectual projects or further elaborated issues that were mapped out in specific forums in the symposium. SPIN, therefore, is not merely a past event but an ongoing project. SPIN is not a meeting in a conventional sense (e.g. a triennial or a quadrennial event), but a network of cultural activists that promote interdisciplinary collaborations within their search for possibilities to create intervention.


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Photo by SPIN Network/ Teater Garasi.