Transnational Genders Onscreen, University of Minnesota

Transnational Genders Onscreen:
Queer and Feminist Cinema in East and Southeast Asia

October 17-18, 2014
35 Nicholson Hall

A conference organized by the IAS Critical Asian Studies Collaborative

Transnational Genders on Screen: Queer and Feminist Cinema in East and Southeast Asia examines the representation of gender and identity in the films of East and Southeast Asia, bringing prominent filmmakers and film scholars from China, Korea, Indonesia, and the US to the University of Minnesota to present and discuss their work. A key focus is the travel, exchange, and alteration of gendered categories, naming practices, and theoretical approaches in film and film studies. Speakers and films will address the complex meanings of terms of Western origin such as gay, transsexual, or feminism as they are reflected on the screens of Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and mainland China. The symposium format is designed to allow for the screening of several longer clips or entire films in addition to a 30-40 minute talk, enabling a robust engagement with both relevant films and presenters’ analyses of them. Filmmakers presenting their work will also answer questions and join conversations with the attending scholars and audience members.

The symposium will feature prominent Chinese queer filmmaker Cui Zi’en and speakers Soyoung Kim (Korea National University of Arts), Intan Paramaditha (New York University), Indonesian filmmaker and scholar Koes Yuliadi (ISI Yogyakarta) and Guo-Juin Hong (Duke University).

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